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Thick wood?

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  • Thick wood?

    I am looking for thick wood between 4 and 5 inches thick and approx A4 size.
    Does anyone have any idea where I can get any from??

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    Any wood from 3" up in thickness is very expensive. Depending on what you want it for you would be better getting some thinner pieces and laminating./

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      Like Pete said,wood that size is expensive. Try contacting a tree surgeon or visit a sawmill if it has to be solid.And bear in mind wood that thick is not easy to dry without it splitting.Look at laminating it up or veneering MDF.
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        Hi Becky. I can let you have details of my supplier who will supply hardwood that thick and it will be well seasoned and ready to go/ If you send me a PM I will send you the details.


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          Now a day’s cost of wood became very high you are asking 4” to 5” wood. I hope it doesn’t have very expensive.
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            best bet would be to find a local timber yard or joinery business and ask for offcuts. We got some HUGE bits of oak recently for free, and some other large sections for only a few quid


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              or... befriend a gardener/tree surger/landscaper, and get some logs from them and find someone to rip them down for you (unless you have a facilities to rip them yourself of course) though this route may mean drying the logs yourself whcih can take a long time - though if they are ripped into planks it will be quicker


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                A lumber mill!


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                  The size you want is about 1/3rd cubic foot (roughly) and a merchant/mill will charge from say £30 a cu ft (deal etc) to £80 or so for English oak, and most woods aren't even milled that thick. Agree with Shadowlight - any big mill/merchant will have offcuts maybe that size - but try and find a big mill rather than the average timber merchant (search saw mills probably). Another good bargain source is the oak structure suppliers - bound to have one nearby, they sell green oak for buildings. Problem is it is green (unseasoned) though they may have offcuts around that are effectively air-dried. Their offcuts go to firewood and are big lumps - that would be my first place to look I think. I'd just be looking for the dryest piece I could find.