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  • Puzzle Name Supplier help

    Evening all,

    Im after a little help, my supplier has unfortunately stopped taking orders because they are so busy so I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of someone who sells wooden Puzzle Names.

    I've searched Google etc but I only seem to find ones that have already been painted.

    The size I need is approx 10cm tall and 18mm thick

    I know no one really likes to say who they get their supplies from but I would really appreciate it if someone could help as its for a birthday present beginning of March.

    Thanks in advance

    Jodie x

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    Hi Jodie. I can make you a wooden puzzle name. All my wood is 18mm hardwoods like Ash, Oak, Elm, Maple etc. You can look at my work on face book at, "Wooden crafts from Wales." Like your supplier, I am quite busy and I am off on Thursday for a week but could make it when I come back. I will obviously need all the details etc.