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    I know this is a long shot but as the old saying goes, unless you ask you wont know. I am in west Wales and on the 15th Feb I will be driving up to the Manchester area. I taught a lady up there how to use the scroll saw and she has done really well, that was 6 months ago, since then she has bought some extra equipment and I am going up to show how how to use it, plus I have bought her a load of goodies she knows nothing about so it will be a nice surprise. The lady in question is on the brink of making things on a commercial basis and really needs this extra equipment up and running. I need to make her a bench, round about 4 to 5 feet long and what readily comes to mind is a worktop off cut and with some 2 x 2 I can make her a nice strong bench. I cannot buy it hear as my car will be full of tools and all the goodies I have for her so I need to buy the worktop when I get there, ideally round about the Stalybridge area of Manchester but I will travel further afield if need be. If anyone can point me in the right direction I would be very grateful. Many thanks.

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      Try the local Freecycle network ?

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        Nearest B & Q will have offcuts of worktop.


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          I made my first workbench (used for pottery) from a piece of worktop I bought in B&Q and some screw on metal legs. I made the mistake of not listening to a carpenter friend and went for the thinner piece because it was of the pattern I liked. The second workbench I made from a table top (same stuff as worktops) bought from Ikea. This one is 4cms thick which is much better. I had mine delivered so maybe if you look at their website you could have it delivered to the ladies address.


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            Thanks everyone for your suggestions and advice. I think I may have secured a worktop right near to where the lady lives so fingers crossed. If the worst comes to the worst I will go to the nearest B and Q and if they have no offcuts I will get a couple of pieces of 18mm MDF and glue and screw them together. Thanks again.