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Removing bark - any tips?

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  • Removing bark - any tips?

    A friend is getting married in June and has asked me to make a wish tree for her. I've collected lots of sticks and branches. I know I need them dry before I spray paint them, but I also want to remove the bark. Any tips how to do this? Some of the wood had bark that falls off easily but the rest is still very attached to its bark! Thanks.

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    peal it when the tree is wet. strip from the cut end along the legnth of the twig rather than round the twig.
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      What is a wish tree? I'm intriqued.


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        Wish trees (and butterfly boards) are modern twists on the old fashioned guest book...and they are far more practical. If a well oiled guest wrote something slightly inappropriate in the guest book (in ink of course) then it could be a case of ruined guestbook... the alternative approach allows for some discreet editing to be undertaken to preserve the beauty of the keepsake.

        Wish trees are big right now and there are companies offering trees for sale and also for hire ...handmade with love trees are of course definitely the best kind.


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          twigs etc dry out best in a cold dry place.

          Some woods are best left to dry out then their bark will crumble off easily under your fingers and thumbs while other's strip better when they are still wet/green sticks.
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            [QUOTE=Christa;559439]Wish trees (and butterfly boards) are modern twists on the old fashioned guest book...

            I didn't know what a butterfly board was so I Googled it. I don't think that the first few responses on Google are what you are referring to! This is certainly not the type of wedding I am attending!!!
            (warning, don't try to Google this if easily offended)