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A christmas commission.

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  • A christmas commission.

    Hello good people, sorry I have not posted very much since I joined up, but it's been a very busy year for me, pushing my comfort zone with new self challenges, developing my website, creating tutorials, and not to mention all the domestic projects I have been doing.

    So Christmas now over I can safely post a couple of (Pyrography) commissions I did for friends and family. I could not even put them on my site till after crimbo in case the recipients of the gifts saw them >.<

    Anyhow, hope you like. And, I will try and post more often to show my future projects with luck this year.


    The first was a Plaque for friends of ours for their daughters caravan.
    Second was for my niece as a gift to her dad of his best (can't recall name of his dog now >.<) friend.

    Hope you like.

    Regards Steve/Sunlion
    "The Journey Is Everything"

    MY Google+ Pyrography Hub

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    They're great. You obviously put a lot of time and hard work in.


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      Wow, they're fab.


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        I live in bolton but a Swinton lad originally. Just wanted to give you some feedback. WOW this work is brilliant. I love the honesty on your front page too. Time to start getting your art work out there. I'm sure with any luck you'll get some sales. Why not? Tell and share your story, the art will sell themselves. All the best pal.


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          @Wid, thanks, and aye, about 15 hours for the dog plaque if I recall.
          @Ivy, Thanks, glad you like.
          @Robsmithimages, Stalybridge here Glad you like Rob. I did the fairs about 9-10 years ago, did it self employed for about four years. Broke even mostly but made profits enough to keep going living a spartan life, hehe. With fuel costs, table costs, PL insurance, materials, tax and National Insurance (Did my own books) etc being up front costs, one had to make that back before any profits. Sold quite a few pieces also through galleries, and my old website.

          I am thinking of selling again this year, but I won't be doing the fairs circuit again, but I do sell an occassional piece through a local community gallery. What I want to do this year is maybe get some teaching sessions in at the gallery or do some one to one hourly sessions from home, with an hourly charge of course either way. So aye I have made plenty sales over the years and am no stranger to that side of crafting. last year was about stretching my comfort zone with seveal projects I had never attempted before, like the Marylin portrait on my site, a couple Sue Irish projects to get my hand back in, and more, plus, building the new website. So was a busy year, and hopefully this year will be just as busy.

          Thanks for the input guys.

          "The Journey Is Everything"

          MY Google+ Pyrography Hub