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looking for suppliers of mdf wooden letters/shapes

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  • looking for suppliers of mdf wooden letters/shapes

    hi there
    ive been making plaques,shapes and decorated wooden letters for family and friends and in process of setting up to sell at fairs/online etc.
    just seeing if there is anyone on here that can cut the letters?
    was considering buying a scroll saw but my hands are too unsteady for that!
    any help very much appreciated x

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    I feel that if you got your self a scroll saw you will be surprised at just how much you would be able to do. You say your hands are unsteady, well, so are mine. I have 5 prolapsed disc and suffer from sciatica. I have a workshop and 2 scroll saws and find it very therapeutic and you would as well, it is also addictive. Have a look at my face book page. Wooden crafts from Wales. When you have a scroll saw you can design your own letters and be really creative. I also teach people how to use a scroll saw and its very rewarding to see how people progress. Don't dismiss the idea of getting a scroll saw, it could be the best thing you ever did and when you do take the plunge be very careful, there is a lot of rubbish on the market at the moment from China and it is often better to get one from e-bay. I wish you well for the future.


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      Hi, my husband and I produce high quality mdf shapes and letters in various thicknesses on our computerised machines. Maybe we could help.
      See our Facebook: Crafty Caths Shapes