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Laminating photo on to mdf clock blank

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  • Laminating photo on to mdf clock blank

    First I want to apologise if this is in the wrong section, didnt know where to put my query for the best.

    I want to put a photo on to a clock face mdf blank. Looking around this is often described as 'laminating'. But not sure what that means in this instance.

    There will be a few and a repeat order, so I need an economical method, one thats speedy, and cost effective.

    Is it by hand with a varnish, or is it the sort of lamination that we get for instance laminating paper where it gets heat sealed in a plastic type sleeve, but obviously on a bigger scale.

    The finish is important, i want a bright, colourful clear finish.

    Hope that has explained my query, and if anyone can help or at least point me in the right direction i would be so grateful.

    Many thanks

    Kind regards


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    Don't see why this would not be the right section, others might disagree

    OK...lets review your query... what are the photos to be printed on? it might be a good idea to consider printing them on clear self adhesive film, that way you could crop the resulting film to the clock face! The transparent film some art/print suppliers supply would allow mounting directly onto the face which could be pre finished with anything your imagination allows, within practicably terms that is.
    Digital transfer direct to wood/mdf is another idea, best give me a PM on that one as I'm not allowed to include internet sites on my posts yet

    If you think these ideas are worth exploring, pop on a reply and we should be able to brainstorm this a bit further until you get what you want...hegus
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