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Primer/sealer confusion!

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  • Primer/sealer confusion!

    Hi everybody,

    This is my first post & i could do with some assistance! Having spent hours trying to find the perfect wooden advent calendar i decided to be creative and make my own. I have a well sanded wooden box with 25 doors but i am a little confused about painting it. Are primers and sealers the same thing? To me its logical to think a sealer is what you would coat the object in once you've painted it to seal it, but after searching online i am starting to think its used to seal the wood before painting? Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thanks, Kate

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    sealer is for unstable wood or surfaces. If they are likely to ooze resin etc or be exceptionally thirsty. primer is to make a good paintable surface and help the paint adhere.
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      As above but what wood is it? and well done


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        It can all be a bit confusing can't it.

        Here's a link: Varnishes/Finishes/Sealers .... it has very useful information in each section .... whether you decide to use their products or not ... it just helps explain everything .
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          If it is a soft wood such as pine then it can help to give a coat of sealer to harden the wood grain then sand back again for a better surface to the wood. If it is a harder wood such as beech then just put a primer on first. Make sure that the primer you use is the same base (oil or water) as the paint that you are going to use. I echo the 'well done' to do this if it is your first wood project. Pictures are always welcome by the way LOL.

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