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    Hmmm... decided to have a go at using some spirit stains as I was given a starter kit for me birthday. Here is a test bowl in cherry and I tried two colours on it which were the darker ones. I am actually quite happy with the result but I think I would apply the stain a bit different next time and maybe thin it down a bit too. Does anyone have any experience with this stuff and if so pointers would be much appreciated. The second bowl is a piece of mopane that I have had sitting round for a while and not got round to ... lovely wood and easy to finish well!
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    Hi Ash, if these are the spirit stains from Chestnut IMO they do need to be thinned. As you've found they can be a bit overpowering straight out of the bottle. They can stand quite a bit of bashing with thinners.

    Can I just say, love the Mopane, don't like the coloured cherry, but if you don't try and so on.

    As said if these are spirit stains one way of applying is to spray the work with Methylated Spirits to damp the wood before applying the stain, helps it flow a bit better. Some folks being a bit wary of using meths in the workshop use the equivalent water based stains also from Chestnut I believe. Also one of the things with this is you must keep a wet edge or you end up with streaks all over the work, and further applications of stain don't always get rid of them.

    My personal preference is to use an airbrush then you can apply it as heavily or as lightly as you like. IMO makes a far easier way to apply, and makes it easy to do bits of the work without having to mask off too much. Also using an airbrush the stains go a long way once bashed down a little.

    Good luck with the trials, I quite like colours on some of the bland timbers.

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