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    Ok.... been decorating my place for a few weeks so havent really had time to get on the lathe but its all done now so have spent the last two nights burning and turning. Had a birthday recently and got a really nice piece of Padauk which is a stunning red colour and so made a nice simple 7" bowl form to display the grain and also used my pyro to do another couple of pieces... hope you like!
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    Asking me to make you a shelf is like asking Michealangelo to creosote your fence.

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    Total quality as always, you talented man!
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      What a vibrant colour that Padauk is! All three pieces are gorgeous and the dragon pyro on the chopping board is superb!



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        I'm really in love with the colour of the padauk, I've never heard of that before. I've got lots of experience using mdf and ply but no experience using ;'real' wood - it's gorgeous! what did you finish it with, I mean is it coated in a wax or something?


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          Oh well thats all done for another 10 years or so LOL

          Have you enhanced the colour of the Padauk or is the photo doing that ? Never seen Padauk that vibrant before. Nice work though as always Dike.

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            Hi all and thanks for the comments. The padauk is not "enhanced" in any way although the photo makes it look a little lighter than it is but the wood really is a beautiful deep red/copper colour. As for finish .... I used a product called abranet which is a mesh emery cloth and went from from 80 grit up to 600 grit and then used a regular sanding sealer and one coat of beeswax.

            This is the first time I have used the abranet and I have to say it is absolutely superb although it costs twice what standard emery cloth would! Because it is mesh the dust passes straight through it and this in turn prevents build up on the cloth and keeps the friction heat to a minimum. As you can see it gives an almost mirror finish to the piece! I have a piece of rare cocobolo too and that is a really dense wood...I expect to get a glasslike finish on that piece so watch this
            Asking me to make you a shelf is like asking Michealangelo to creosote your fence.



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              Hi edwina... I just had a look at your blog and I love that red heart! Although you say you dont use "real" wood, MDF and ply can be just as challenging to work with (Ply is a real sod to turn!). I love the fact that you make your own finishes which is a skill in itself! I currently buy pre mixed stuff but I may try to have a crack at making my own having read your blog! I also loved the ferric chloride etched DNA strand. I have a love of brass and wood items... I just think it is a class combination!

              Anyways take care and carry on making those lovely items.

              Asking me to make you a shelf is like asking Michealangelo to creosote your fence.