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Painting wooden letters

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  • Painting wooden letters


    wonder if you can help me, I'm new to the site and have just started making childrens crafts for friends etc. At the moment I am painting the letter with emulsion by hand with paintbrush & the plaques are being painted with a small roller. The plaques are quick to paint but the letters are taking some time.

    Is there a way that I can get a good finish quickly? possibly dipping them somehow?

    Hoping you can help :-)

    Thanks x

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    I use a paintbrush on mine. It's the only way I know of getting a good finish. You could try experimenting with the size of brushes but all I can say is you do get quicker with time and practice.
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      Keep practicing and the time will come when you will see the finishing in your work which always wanted and keep trying different sizes of brush. All the best
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        You could practice dipping them for the main coat of colour in a tray of paint then using a dry brush to give it a smooth finish perhaps? I stress to practice this as its only an idea! There is always spray paint but would take a couple of coats.

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          I was thinking the same as just painted up numbers for a wooden clock.... i don't think i can achieve a nice finish by dipping it... I was thinking about the spray paint too but tbh i would need so many colours to buy as making a multicolored one so for now i will stick with the brush... I am sure this is how everyone do it... ? x