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  • Help! Advice needed!

    Hi everyone,

    I am hoping for some advice. I currently attend craft fairs with wooden door hangers for children's doors which I personalise there and then. I have wood in different shapes that I write on with Sharpie pens. However I am looking to step this up to the next level. I have been looking at various sites such as ebay and not on the high street and there are some beautiful wooden signs for sale. However, these signs look like they have been printed on using some kind of machine. Does anybody know what this could be? Or does anyone know of how to print onto wood?

    Many thanks in advance for any help given!

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    can you possibly paste in a link to give an idea of the print technique you are describing ?


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      Unfortunately it wont let me, however if you search on ebay for 'please remove your jimmy choos sign' you should see the sort of thing I am talking about.



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        That link specifies that the lettering is black matt vinyl so I suspect they have used vinyl transfers.

        If you want a certain phrase on your signs, you could always have a stamp made. Go to to see some examples using stamps. It won't help for the personalised signs but it could be an option - here's a quick link to a stamped project for inspiration:

        Good luck!
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          I assume Sharpie Pens are like permanent marker pens. You could experiment with other pens/ paints/ transfers to create different effects, but I like the fact that your signs are personalised and done by hand. I assume if I saw your items online, I could pick the shape of wood that I like, and then choose a phrase or name that I'd like "printed" on there? What you're doing sounds great as it is!
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            We have one of those vinyl cutting machines where I work, it's fantastic for very accurate lettering but doesn't work very well if the letters are very fiddley (eg the font is very swirly) or if it's very small (below 10mm). You get very fast professional results but have to be able to produce the graphics that it runs from. We use 3 different dedicated vinyl programs for different things.

            So in short you need to buy the machine, the vinyl (in lots of different colours if you want to give a colour option), and the software with a computer to run it, and then cart all of the above to a fair if you wanted to do it onsite.

            I'm sure there's simpler ways! Maybe some kind of template?

            Good luck with your search!

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