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    Hi all... sorry I havent been on here much... been pretty busy with work but I have managed to find time to potter in the shed from time to time and my pyrography has definitely kicked up a gear! Here is an idea I had for a harley key holder. The plank of wood that its on is 12" and the design is 8" long overall. I just have to cut the wood to size and then pop the key hooks in. I was really pleased with this piece as it was a lot of work and I managed not to b***** it up! lol. Also there is an oak goblet that has been made on commision for a customer which was a b***** to turn but came good in the end! Anyway... hi to all and post something soon!

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    Asking me to make you a shelf is like asking Michealangelo to creosote your fence.

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    Very nice. I particularly like the Harley insignia. Lot of work.
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      Lol! Hi Burl, lovin the HD key holder do you have a price for said magnificent piece of work?

      Anna x
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        oops... sorry Carol ... I tend to let my trailer park show every now and again and being tired doesnt help... thanks for the adjustment. And as for the price bubbleicious ... I havent even thought yet. I did this as a test because I want to do a similar piece for my dad but on a bigger scale. I think around the £50 mark is about right for this once it's finished as it took a fair while and my hand was killing me by the I am thinking of maybe isolating the shield part and doing a larger version of it on its own without the eagle and feathers.

        Asking me to make you a shelf is like asking Michealangelo to creosote your fence.


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          Hi, Ash... nice work on the eagle. I've been away from the forum for a few months but some of your work has grabbed my eye since I returned yesterday... nice to see a fellow pyromaniac joining the community!

          All the best,

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