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  • Book matching?

    I think that's what my husband called it. He's slicing thin panels of wood, and then matching them up to be a pretty design in the center, and gluing them together, for his new guitar backs. More like the backs of regular guitars. He has done a maple one and is very pleased with it...needs a bit of sanding, and a couple of support slats across the inside side, then cut to fit...he keeps sniffing it and saying "ahhhhhhhh." He's always sniffing the various woods as he sands or saws them...

    Here's a pic -


    You can see a "v" shape jsut above the midway point...and some blotches (birdseyes?) toward either side, below the midpoint. After cutting the slices, he had to line it up to look good, and so the ends were not flush...they are planed off in this pic. Apparently when you slice the plank, it leaves a "gap" because some of the wood is naturally removed during the sawing process. So you can't just put them side by side and have it look right, necessarily.

    Anyway, that's what he told me. It's going to look really nice!! It doesn't increase the cost of materials, but it increases the amount of time and effort/ the rpice will have to go up, and probably shoppers will not think the fancy back is worth it...sigh...BUT, you never know.

    Actually, he's aiming to make them a little "sharper" (more refined, more artful) in preparation for a couple of really big deal artisan markets, one being in Colorado...he's thinking (hoping) to make lots of guitars for one or two big markets a year, and not go every month to little ones.

    If my attachment is invalid, you can see it in my "Guitars" album. Going there now to add it.

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    He's done another one -


    There's a lot more "design" in the wood with this one. Can you see the center line? He's done a really good job with joining the two sides...well, yes...I am just a tad proud of him... =)
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      Now he has constructed a nifty gadget to make it easier to work on the guitar backs when ON the guitars...everyone here may not be impressed but thought I would share anyway - someone might find it useful! Too many pics so you can see it at my blog if you're interested -


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        He has made a mesquite and maple guitar box, and put the second book matching attempt on the back of it -

        Here are the finger joints -

        You can see a bunch of necks leaning against the shelf on the left-hand side.


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          Forgive me for saying so but the first of the pictures in your last post looks like a pair of legs! Or is it me?



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            Well, I have no idea what could look like mean the post just before the one you made? It's a picture of one of my husband's guitar boxes...kind of a rectangle looking thing leaned against a shelf. The second one is a pic of one of teh corners of it that shoes the joints...mesquite and maple...

            I don't see how any of it could look like a pair of legs. Human legs? Table legs?


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              Do you mean you see legs in the wood grain - like a Rorschach test?? Veddy interesting...hmmmm.....let me consult Sigmund....


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                Sorry. Yes I should have said 'in the grain'.