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  • All webbed up!

    OK ... so I am doing a fair in four weeks and having looked at most of the other crafters on here, one thing I noticed is that most of them have a website where they advertise and I decided it would be a great idea to do the same.

    So after a couple of hours with a free web builder I now have the following site:

    Please feel free to have a visit and please please let me have feedback or ideas on what else it needs as this is just a starter and will hopefully develop over time.

    Thanks folks!

    Asking me to make you a shelf is like asking Michealangelo to creosote your fence.

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    If you can build a website in a couple of hours I take my flat cap off to you. Mine took a lot longer. Thing is to make it clean and tidy, not too woody and arty crafty, using sensible and readable types and not curly wurly fairy fonts and have lots of interesting products at all price categories. If you can be a bit different and find a niche in the market then so much the better. Critically you have to use search terms and words that the average punter on the street is likely to use rather than obscure turning jargon.


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      I like the site my only complaint is its very bright and I was seeing stars and spots after the page transitions.

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