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wooden advent calendar blank???

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  • wooden advent calendar blank???

    im new here .
    i want to make my son a wooden advent calendar with little doors. there are loads of designs when i google wooden advent calendar...but....does anyone know where i can buy the unfinished blank??i want to decoupage photos onto it to personalise it..but it needs to be cheap?
    any ideas would be welcome as im exhausted from sitting up every night till 2 searching ...
    thanks so much..
    fee xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    been thinking. anytype of wooden box with little drawers or doors (but has to have 24 or 25)
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    its a VERY difficult site to get round but order a catalogue!! They do all sorts of wooden blanks including 2 or 3 different typres of advents

    Hope that helps


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      thank you so much for the link..i will phone them tomorrow.
      i think that website wins the "worlds worst website" award..
      i got so frustrated with it !! Aggghh
      thanks again
      fee x


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        Heidi I ordered one of their catalogues after seeing your post and it came yesterday, it is fab, so much brilliant stuff in there, not sure I will order from them but (and I know how sad this sounds, especially for a Friday night!!) but loved it last night sitting there all evening looking through it with my glass of wine, felt like when you were little and went through the Argos catalogue making HUGE Christmas lists, LOL!!! Thanks for the link.
        Jo x

        For handcrafted wooden gifts and decorations please visit


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          One thing worth noting with this company is that they don't want paying up front!!! You have 30 days from receipt of goods!! I then ring them up and pay over the phone.

          Worth watching the bargains bit of the website - changes every thursday and the savings are well worth it when the things you want do come up!!

          My daughter has just got her new bible - the latest argos catalogue!!!!


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            Im going to order the catalogue.
            The site is a tad anoying.
            Thanks for the post.


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              I couldn't even order a catalogue ... it kept telling me to check my postcode was right!
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                opitec - best to ring them for the catalogue..

                you have to phone them for a catalogue.mine arrived in 3 days , thanks to heidi for this recommendation...its excellent, so many unusual things...its next to the toilet now !!!!!!!!! lol (my argos catalogue has been replaced)