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Where can I find painted wooden cutouts

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  • Where can I find painted wooden cutouts


    I am looking to try and find some painted wooden cutouts like on the pic I have uploaded for various different craft ideas I have. But have looked everywhere and searched under every possible name they could be under. They have to be quite big (bigger than the wooden toppers for cards).

    Does anyone have any ideas on where I could find some.

    Kind regards
    V x

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    I'm sure lots of people here could do them and there are scroll saw forums and people that offer a cutting service. You could get a scroll saw and do them yourself which would be much cheaper and more satisfying and interesting. LC


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      Have you tried eBay or etsy?

      Here's a place for unpainted animal cutouts in the UK...

      You may have to paint them yourself.


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        Yes I have tried Ebay, there are just unpainted ones.

        I don't think i'm artistic enough to paint them myself, I will have a bash though



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          Hi There,

          As others have said if you purchase a scroll saw. It isn't that difficult.

          I have made quite a few similiar ones and painted them using mostly enamel paints. They seem to be popular as fridge magnets.

          Go on give it a try.


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            There are LOTS of places that'll sell you the raw shapes - Makit, Baker Ross, loads of discount bokskops, etc. I'd paint them with acrylics or similar, and varnish them.

            But how big do you mean when you say big?

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              Hi - I know that HobbyCraft carry at least the bees, ladybirds, crowns, giraffes and hippos that you are showing there!
              We're online: - come and have a look!

              And on Facebook - seach under "HippoTree"


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                Hi, all those wooden cut outs in your picture are from HobbyCraft.
                el oh vee eee...

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                  I have seen larger letters in several pound shops (unpainted). I suspect a lot of these hobby shops have them imported and are made by large machines that are programed to repeat over and over again, Sometimes it pays to look overseas yourself and import items like this if you are planning on buying in bulk.

                  I have the means to make just about any shape but would find it so soul destroying making them over and over again and find it very difficult to recoup the cost of the base material, electric and time involved. I intend to make plaques for signs for personal use this year out of MDF and if i can make them easily enough i will consider putting them on our site when its functional but only if it proves to be practical.

                  Sorry that wasnt much help but if you think outside the box sometimes you can get cheaper and yes it goes against the grain of hand crafted but sometimes you have to sleep with the enemy to gain an advantage.
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