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  • Varnish help!

    Hi, I'm a newbie pyrographer and just getting around to varnishing some of the pieces (protect, last longer, blah blah blah lol) - but what on earth can I use to varnish candle holders?! Tealite holders especially... All the varnishes and waxes I've found are flammable!

    I think that would provide a rather nasty shock for any customer...

    So far I've been selling them unfinished (though my first craft table isn't until October, a small shop has sold a couple of my things on sale or return), and I know most people don't tend to put candleholders in sunlight - so it'll take a long time for the burn to fade... But I think it would look better and they'd last longer if I could 'finish' them...

    Can anyone help? Cheers!

    B xx
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    In the trade we would use a fast drying varnish like Craftlac Melamine. It is quite versatile in that you can make it a shiny, satin or matt type of finish using various techniqes and applying things like bees wax etc


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      I never use varnish. You can sand the wood to a really good finish then simply oil with any vegetable oil. Alternatively use an acrylic, water based finish such as this

      Always use an insert as well, it isn't a good idea to put the aluminium light directly into the wood, some woods can char and there is a danger of them catching fire. If you are selling on always best to play safe.

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        Wow thanks guys! You've both been a real help Looks like I've got another shopping list lol...
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          I'm very fond of a few applications of dutch oil followed (a day or two later) by beeswax (carnuba free)

          If you get the wood sanded to a fine grit you will get a vey nice sheen... very "polished" like

          The other alternative as others have said would be a water based acrylic laquer, again plenty of sanding


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            I use water-based PVA vernish - dries like plastic. Waxes don't seem to help with the UV issue, sadly...

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