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  • bog oak..

    hi, im new here, i live in england and really would love to get my hands on some bog-oak. I would like to make frames for crazy glass stuff with this material...outdoor art.

    im also lost around this site so.......HELP!!!!!


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    Can't help with the bog oak, but I hope you put some photo's up of your crazy glass stuff, specially as I do crazy glass stuff too lol Welcome to the forum


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      once i learn how to use this site i will put up a few pictures of the stuff i have done..and...more importantly...what im into now....thanks for replying..

      art? innit..

      cheers for the welcome. x

      C I R C L E S.
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        Bog oak is difficult to find in large pieces. A friend of mine used to regularly buy little pieces from eBay. It's quite expensive though.


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          Ohhhh I just googled bog oak ( showing my ignorance now ) wow it's beautiful, some of that would look lovely in my garden lol.


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            Bog oak is expensive and hard to work. I have used a few pieces and whilst it can be beauriful it can be a pig to cut and saw. If you want larger pieces it will be expensive, about £20 a cubic foot or more. There are some spe******t dealers who trade in it but not many.

            "Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art" ... Leonardo Da Vinci



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              Thanks for the replies, I think alot of bog oak gets ploughed up in the fens by farmers and it is a real pain to them. It gets disgarded. But i dont live in the fens!!


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                I used to be able to fill the van with loads of bog oak from a farmer in Wales who used to plough the stuff up and burn it. It is difficult to get large logs that hasn't got splits. I find it quite easy to turn, carve and shape and has a natural waxy like finish. It will depend on how long the oak has been in the ground and the type of bog it has been lying in as to how dark it will by and how easy it is to work with. Hope you find some and if you keep asking around you should come up with something. Regards LC