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writting words onto painted wood.

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  • writting words onto painted wood.


    can anyone give me some advice or ideas.
    I make wooden plaques and signs to hang indoors with funny phrases on or sayings. At the moment i paint the wording on with a fine brush and acrylic paint, but i find that the paint goes stringy and it's a bit messy.

    What do other people use? I've tried various pens but i've not found one that suitable yet.
    HELP........... any sujestions.......................
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    Hi Sharon,

    Feel free to ignore this suggestion as I know nothing about wood! The first thing that came to mind when I thought about signs though was when the writing is burned into the wood?

    As I say, if that's what you're thinking then ignore! Kate
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      Thankx Kate,

      i've ot a friend that's shown me how to wood burn,
      bu i've seen signs painted or written on and they look lots better than mine, but i can't figure out what they use.
      But thankx for the sujestion.
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        Is the paint too thick? Try watering it down - not sure what with but I'm sure if you google it you will get some suggestions. If not - ask Peter - he used to dabble with paint (I think!)
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          THankx for that sujestion. I've tried that but maybe i've done to enough.
          I must try making it thinner again......
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            I'm no expert on wood, but have had a couple of thoughts. It sounds like your paint is a bit thick, but the other problem with painting words with acrylic is it dries quite quickly which doesn't help.

            Try a DIY store as they do paints for childrens furniture, they maybe more fluid. Alternatively have you tried a stencil, can you get letter stencils and use the acrylics which you currently use.



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              Thankx amanda,
              I'll have a look at them when i'm in town.
              Yes your right the arylics do dry fast, maybe that is the problem.
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                yeah i agree with the majority the thickness could well be the issue, also the fluidness (sp?) and flow of the writing is important if you start and stop often it really affects the overall look. It takes quite a bit of practice.... i have only done a couple for friends when their new bubbies were born such as 'princess in training, only knights need enter' & 'off duty mother - only wake in emergencies!' but nothing on a major scale. I used acrylics for both the base 'white washed' colour and the words and it seemed to work fine.
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                  I do a lot of painting words on acrylic painted wood. I always thin my paint down to an inky consistancy first to get it to flow along my brush.

                  If I am making up a batch of plaques I use Staedtler permanent pens. They are waterproof but you do need to be careful what you use to varnish with.



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                    Thanks for all your advise.
                    It does sound now that i've definately got my paint miles too thick.
                    I'll try and find those pens... any ideas where i can get then from?
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                      Pyrography is the burning into wood technique.


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                        Hi there - I seem to keep recommending the same website (I don't work for them and I'm not on comission, honest! They just do great products)


                        (www) dot craftycomputerpaper dot co dot uk

                        They do a decal that you can print onto using your computer printer and then place on wood and varnish over.

                        Just use a font that looks like you could have handpainted it
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                          oh thanks for that, i've never heard of them until now, but i will def take a look at them ver the weekend,
                          that sounds really easy!!!
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                            HI I do a lot of painting and marking on wood, including pyrography.

                            If your paint is going stringy on the wood, try giving the piece of wood a light coating of a clear varnish. This will seal the wood, and if you then sand it with fine sandpaper, you end up with a nice smooth bit of wood to paint on. The coat of varnish will also stop the paint leeching across the grain of the wood.

                            hope this helps



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                              Haven't been about for a while, things have been manic lately!!
                              Hi Sharon, I do the wooden signs you are talking about, and I use pen. I have tried all manner of different pens, some especially for woodcrafts, but some just don;t work on the wood or bleed or other problems. I now just use a permanent marker I have found with the thinnest tip possible, mind you, I get through a fair few of them!!! These can then be varnished over without bleeding. The make I use is called Edding 400 if thats any help
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