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  • Thanks for Pyro advice

    Hi All

    Just wanted to say thanks to the other pyrographers out there who recommended the Peter Child machine the other day when I said we were thinking of getting one. Can't believe the difference and are very pleased with the results. Have a new album with a few of them in, but here's a couple of samples.

    First outing to a fair with the pyrography is Moonbeam Angels one on 25th at Brightlingsea. Really hoping it goes well.

    Cheers all
    David & Catherine

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    Cool! Glad you're enjoying it... nice machine to work with, isn't it?

    There's some hints & tips on my site about making your own tips, and how to shape them - the way the tip is made can make a big difference, too.

    Best of luck with the fair - I'm sure the cute teddy stars will go down well...

    Scorch's Pyrography :
    Crafts on Flickr :


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      awww, I love the bear on the star, very cute.
      The dog is amazing too.

      Scorch - just off to look on your website how to make the tips. I've used up the 3 of the size 24 wire you made me and they were my favourite! wonder how much wire I'll get through before I manage one!
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        The dog looks really good very life like
        Wood for turning
        carving and craft projects,also various craft blanks visit


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          ooh I'm all excited now!!! can't wait to see your works at the fair. Should be a good one, only thing I have no control over is the weather, so keep your fingers crossed!
          Reach for the moon-if you miss-you'll still be amongst stars