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  • cedar boxes

    Well, my husband's cigar box guitars were looking and sounding great, but he has decided to go with local cedar and TX license plates! He has made 8 cedar boxes - they're pretty...he has made perfect finger joints, and after sanding, the boxes are so rosy and pretty...they'll make beautiful guitars! And he's now designing slightly larger ones...I have a feeling that by the time he does retire (4 years - when our youngest graduates from college), he'll be making regular guitars, not box ones...and it's good he has started now, because he is such a perfectionist. They have to have perfect tone...feel right...

    So now I am going to weave guitar straps on cards/tablets - don't know what they're called in the UK.

    This I can do, much better than upgrading my wood cigar boxes for my potpourri and soaps.

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    They sound really nice, are you going to post any pics. Love to see them.
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      cedar boxes

      I am pathetic at using the camera - I can't see worth a hoot to take the photo to begin with, but putting them into the computer - well, I haven't a clue. I am determined to get some photos in my album soon - the pics of my soap items were already in the computer so I did it easily enough...

      I am determined to get my son to show me quite specifically how to do all this, and I will write it down. It's fun to see photos on here of everyone's projects!


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        cedar boxes

        I must also admit, I am a bit intimidated - everyone else's work looks so terrific!


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          We promise to be kind - I don't know of any cruel comments ever on CF but please show us you are just making me more curious holding out like this
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            a box...

            okay, this is a poor picture - I took it with my phone, then sent it to my son who emailed it to me, and so it's in my computer so I can try to post it.

            This is the first wooden cigar box - nub - that I tried to "upscale." I covered the brand name (nub) (on three sides and the top) with brown hand made lotka paper. Then after coating with Art Podge glue, it looked fab in that all the paper looked like leather! BUT, it was I found a goat design (just experimenting, you understand), and cut it out, and glued it's too much.

            I have, since this photo, tried to remove the goat from the top - that was stupid, should've just covered it with more paper, which I have no done...and it looks funky having the top plain and the little goats around the sides...but anyway, here is a picture...


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              I found it and uploaded it...but i see nothing....


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                try again...

                it said "uploading file...please wait...but nothing....

                it's a jpg...



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                  Okay, I appear to have made an album with the photo in it. It's a public album, and I do not know how to tell anyone how to get to it, but I am assuming that you all know how to do that...

                  BTW - the top portion of the little brass latch came out but it is easy to put back in, with some CA glue...

                  This box is about 7 " x 7 " x 7 " ...

                  The wood was lighter before I slathered it in Art Podge. It looks nice and has a semi-gloss sheen to it.


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                    Okay, I added two more photos to my cigar box album...

                    That is blue lotka paper on the top - it's a sliding lid - and I sprayed a frond of cedar with lacquer, let it dry under a block of wood to keep it flat, and then decoupaged it to the paper on the lid.

                    I have a rubber stamp that I stamped my business name onto the paper...ever so slightly crooked, naturally...

                    I got some lotka printer paper so now i will print my name on there...