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Painting tables and bookshelves

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  • Painting tables and bookshelves


    We are going to a beauty and body show in April and presentation of the stand is really important as always.

    We are getting some mini bookshelves from Argos and we want to paint them silver.

    It is best to spray paint or get a pot of paint.

    Any advice?
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    The key to a good coverage is surface preparation. You can either sand the surface proir to paint application or you can use ESP... (no not extra sensory perception) ESP is easy surface preparation a paint on able product that will ensure that any paint adheres properly.
    You could use either spray or liquid paint. spray paint needs to be applied in even light coats. Cans do not go very far so you'll possibly need several. Cans do tend to give the most chrome like finish, so if that's the look you want, then you'd be better to go with the spray paint option.
    Hamerite paint can give a very textural metal look for the liquid paint options.
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      Thank you.

      We are getting the bookshelves tomorrow so we will have to decide what to do!
      A fresh and funky collection of handmade jewellery