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Good bye jewellery, hello burning! - Supplies!

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  • Good bye jewellery, hello burning! - Supplies!

    I have decided to forget my jewellery for the nexr couple of months and concentrate on the pyro. The fair i was at yesterday was so rubbish. First time iv not sold anything! A lot of people noticed the few pyro stuff that i had out so i am going to try that on for size now.

    Thing is iv always had problems finding supplies when it comes to pyro stuff. I dont want wood shapes! I want mirrors, nice rustic things like frames/flat plaques etc etc. Im going to be spending my monthly budget on pyro stuff now, not jewellery so i am going to buy in a load of supplies!

    Also a printer! Good investment i think.
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    ooh how exciting trying something new! would love to see some of your pyro work!! x


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      ooh just checked your site and saw ya stuff on there nice work!!


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        There's Craft Supplies in Bradwell, Derbyshire. I'm no expert on wood supplies, so I don't know if they'll have the things you're looking for, but I've been there with OH, who likes making guitars, and they have all sorts of things for wood crafts. If you're not familiar with them, they may be worth checking out.

        Just found the link
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          Good luck with the pyro stuff. Hope it goes better for you than the jewellery!
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            One of the best places for pyrography blanks is Janik in Derbyshire (they do a good mail order service)


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              You could always use the woodworkers on here to make blanks for you. Chris from Works-in-Wood makes untreated wooden items for pyro use. V2Steve and bodrighy also make really nice items. If you have something specific in mind, why not try them?

              Otherwise, it's a case of shopping around to see if you can find suitable items that are not varnished or coated with some horrible finish.

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                Good luck with your new 'style'! Shopping around is fun anyway, right?
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                  Ancient Wisdom sell brushes and stuff - they used to sell chinese boxes but it looks like they stopped stocking them
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                    Hi Amy,

                    Just looked at your site and your pyro work is brill!! Love the daisy bookmark and the keyrings!



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                      I hope you have fun and good luck with your pyrography. Your jewellery is gorgeous too though
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                        We've just started out in pyro and got a batch of stuff from woodworkcraftsupplies. Sorry can't put in the complete URL as we haven't done 25 posts yet but if you google it it's on the first page position 1. Some of it's good, some not quite as useful. If you've a QD round your way have a look in there as we got some good boxes cheap. Wilkinsons (again if you have one) is good for spoons if you're after that sort of thing.
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