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The crafts of making Marionetts!

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  • The crafts of making Marionetts!

    Hello Everybody.
    I'm desperately looking for any literature about carving marionetts, any links would be helpful. Also I'm looking for soft pine wood supplier, as i'm finding it ever so difficult. Please if someone could help me, because i'm really desparate, and there isnt anything worse then loosing eagerness to work because lack of supplies. I'd be grateful for any reply.
    Thank you so much, Cvircos

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    You could try this forum which is specifically for puppetteers/ puppet makers. I came across it after seeing a puppet show in the only purpose-built puppet theatre which is in a tiny place in North Wales. If they can't help you on there then I'm sure someone there might be able to send you a link. Good luck!



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      Buying pine shouldn't be hard - go to any DIY shop, even the big DIY stores, and you can buy it in big or small boards. The stuff they sell as planks is usually soft pine, and even if it isn't, it'll still do the job for you. Or if you have a local timber yard or lumber yard, they'll likely sell you offcuts by the bagload. Or, for that matter, the firewood you get by the bag is probably pine, and probably in bits big enough for most of what you want.

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        For carving faces etc a hardwood is much better for getting definition Lime is possibly one of the best for good grain and fairly easy working, our local log merchant sells mainly seasoned lime, ash and sycamore logs, If your local log man is working a managed woodland it's a good bet that's what he'll be felling on a regular cycle, ash and sycamore also being good carving woods with reasonably straight medium grain
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          I can't advise you on anything regarding marrionettes but just wanted to you to the forum and hope you stay with us.
          God helps them that help themselves.