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  • Help Making Wooden Hearts


    I'm a newbie after some help!

    I've decided, maybe not wisely, to make wooden heart place names for my wedding. So, I ordered some plain wooden MDF hearts and now I need to paint them. This is where my problems start. I picked up some tester pots from B&Q, as someone recommended, but I can't seem to avoid brush strokes. I've tried a sponge and still seem to get them. Once they're painted I then want to put dots on and then the persons name.

    I'm not the most crafty of people so if anyone could give me any tips it would be greatly appreciated...starting to think I should've paid the money and bought them done!

    Thanks alot!

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    Hi there and to the forum !!
    For the hearts i would use a mini roller to get a smooth finish and a cotton bud to make the dots !!

    Sara x
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      Thanks Sara!

      That's a great idea. For some reason I'm good at thinking of doing something but actually doing it is a different matter!

      really appreciate the advise.....just one more question, how do I do the sides without getting blobs of paint round the edges?



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        Mmmm not sure maybe paint the outside first with a brush and then do the main part with the roller ... i hope it all goes well
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          Good thinking! Thanks

          Wish me luck!


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            Welcome to the forum.

            My advise would be to go to you local focus do-it-all and buy spray primmer and then the base colour you want. I think it's called plasticoat?

            I use this all the time and it works. You can buy all colours. that way you get no brush marks.

            Please bear in mind that it can take quite a while for them to dry completely, so make sure after a few days you put tissue paper between each one or they stick together and then you have to start again..... and that's sos anoying.

            Hope this helps.

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              That's a good idea! And if you space them quite closely on a rack or something, you'll not waste too much spraypaint, and they won't stick down round the edges as badly...

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                I would say go with the mini roller I have recently built a wardrobe suite across a complete wall like the £4k+ big name built in bedrooms. all built in mdf and finished in oil based eggshell applied with a mini roller. the only difference between this one and the £4k+ is about £3.5k and it fits without infill panels

                make sure you have a good primer coat


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                  Hi and to the forum.

                  I redecorated my house earlier in the year and I had mahogany wood everywhere. I changed most to a lighter wood, but decided to paint a frame of my Hall mirror. I used Gold spray paint and it came out really well!!

                  As already stated they do spray cans in all colours.

                  Good luck with it!!



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                    Once the paint is totally dry you could sand off the little blobs of paint round the edges with a fine sandpaper?

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                      Yep, sanding can work very well. I use very fine wire wool, it's great for smoothing the paint without taking any of it off. Use the finest you can get, 0000 I think!

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                        wood hearts


                        My hubby also made fitted wardrobes this year & a full fitted kitchen last year using MDF & he painted them all using satin eggshell (oil based works better & is tougher than the water based).

                        Prime the MDF with an MDF primer (I think the general wood primers also work on MDF but check the label)
                        Use 2 thin coats of eggshell.

                        Use a mini roller but make sure you use the roller for gloss not emulsion paints - start with the edges & then do the flat sides, lightly sand the coat of primer, then put on the eggshell coats.

                        A paint pad also works well - no brush marks & you can get them in really small sizes.

                        Good luck - I'm sure they'll turn out just fine



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                          Hope im not too late..but i have the perfect solution!! I did something similar myself recently;
                          Plain old spray paint; Quick and easy. Just spray a coat of white, then go over them with any colours you like, you can even blend a few colours together.
                          They will dry pretty quickly, especially on a warm sunny day! Remember to wear a mask if your inside though!!

                          Hope that helps.