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  • Does anyone make................................

    Jewelery boxes with hidden(secret) compartments?

    I have one that I got overseas but I've never seen another like it anywhere.

    I'll post pics later if it helps.

    All the best


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    Something like this

    I had a couple of pictures that might echo what you are looking for.

    Our workshops used to make them, I have most of the details if you need them.

    They are covered in sheepskin skiver, I know an economical source for this leather.

    Both these boxes had a compartment beneath the obvious jewellery tray, I am sure you could re-design it slightly so that you had two trays and a much smaller and less obvious compartment beneath them.

    I only include this for you as you are connected with leather work.

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      Thanks for posting those photos, Richard: that's a wonderful project for a pressie for my wife: I shall get started immediately! (Just have to find five or six of her old books to get the bindings from)

      Which leads me to ponder: I know that I can get some old books from bookshops/eBay easily enough, but it seems a shame to damage them. I wonder if bookshops keep the binding from broken books to sell separately? I can't see any on eBay or google... Anyone seen that done?
      If I ever make anything good enough to sell, I'll want to keep it!


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        i know you can get something called book binding glue but dont know how this is used, you might need something else to put the glue onto first like some form of webbing or maybe even leather would work if made nicely into little hinges.


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          I set up a search a in eBay a while back to email me when things with "Secret Compartment" were added. It was very rare that something nice turned up: they were often very simple.

          The only truly nice thing I've seen that may be similar are the Japanese Puzzle Boxes (their web site is very slow at the moment):
          Hawkins Bazaar is the last place I would expect to be selling such beautifully inlaid things: they're worth every penny (I bought two, one kept in original packaging).

          Probably a bit of a pain for a working jewelry box, though!
          Once you know how to get in, it takes ten panel slides to get in: about as many seconds. Closing is a little quicker.
          If I ever make anything good enough to sell, I'll want to keep it!


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            ooo ive got one of those i love it lol xx

            try a free graze box use code 5THR7LB