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  • Rustin's Plastic Coat

    I would be interested to know if any of the wood working crafters have ever used Rustin's or any other manufacturers Plastic Coat.

    I would be especially interested to know what your opinion of the finish is like if applied carefully by brush rather than by spraying.

    I am looking a means of applying a very high gloss and hard wearing finish to an item but without that cheap 'Made in Hong Kong' look which can be so easily obtained when applying ordinary gloss varnish by means of brushing.

    French polishing would give me the look but not the durability of the finish I am seeking.

    I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who has used this or any similar products.


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    I'd love to find this out myself, as I have a similar problem!

    PVA varnish simply isn't hard-wearing enough, especially with water and heat...

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      Any intial appraisals I have had of this stuff Tracey are good, but they did apply it with a spray gun. Almost anything looks great when spray applied if runs and dust can be avoided.

      I find high gloss stuff when applied with a brush can be a total disaster. This stuff is expensive too so I don't really want to buy it to find it's not what I am looking for.


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        I finish my bowls - decorative ones, not food ones, with a 50/50 coat of Cellullose sanding sealer/thinner, 'sand' with foor 0's wire wool and apply beeswax and buff with a cloth. Obviously the bowl spinning on the lathe makes it easy, but I also do door wedges, key tags etc this way - wiping on a coat with kitchen paper and then the wire wool and wax. It makes for a good silky smooth satin finish.



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          Hi Chris,

          Thanks very much indeed for your post. I just had a look at your web site and you do some lovely stuff. I will give you a PM when I get a chance later.

          I have been considering buying some of the 0000 wire wool, but was not too sure how or at what stage to use it. What I have been doing is applying Ronseal Quick Drying Satin Varnish, and then applying a beeswax polish. I am pleased with the results.

          Should I maybe be using the wire wool after about three coats of the varnish?

          Anyhow wonder where your located?

          You might be able to help me with something I am looking, and as I say will PM you this evening or tomorrow when I get a good look at your site, and have done all my household chores.


          PS I see your just a few Junctions up the M6 from me
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