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frameless picture art from wood

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  • frameless picture art from wood

    well hi their budding crafters and on lookers (( new )) to this im here to seek out some advice on prices..... what do i do...ok.....what i do is make pictures from wood ...originally this would be called intarsia "but" intarsia, its self working with wood and wood only without the use of paints stains and dye's putting pictures together from different types of wood...what i do is cut my picture completley from one type of wood ( pine ) ending up with roughly between 30 and a couple of hundred small tiny little bits,like a jig saw but on a different scale... some only millimetres in width height and depth. all the pieaces are cut to detail then sanded by hand giving shape and bringing what ive cut to life. each tiny little bit is then painted by hand, before finally being put together as a picture which is then adhesived together then finished with a soft foam backing and picture hanging hook.. a pictue without a frame ( frameless picture art )
    i need some serious gestures as how i go about pricing my work as relistically i know the work that i do can take from as little a 3 hours to over a day to make certain items then there's the materials used looking for real people answers, solutions advice..and perhaps on where i could find buyers for such view my craftwork please feel free to check out my work in my album thanks
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    Some pictures of your stuff would be helpful! It sounds great.
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      hello and welcome to the forum
      Jan xx


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        hi their jan thanks for welcoming me to the forum...had a quick flick through your blogspot seems your pretty artistic yourself some nice goings on with your frames pictures and other craftwork..keep it up thumbs up from the craftsman