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    can anyone help with a problem hubby has when he's making things out of MDF for me (radiator covers, cupboards etc). When the MDF is cut no matter how many times he sands or grades of sandpaper he uses the cut edge always seems to be slightly rough.

    It hasn't made any difference to the finished product but it's really bugging him - I've told him I can't help as I don't have that problem with sewing fabrics!!

    Hope someone can help as he's doing a run of wardrobes at the moment & the air could be turning blue very soon!



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    He has to use a finer saw blade. Simple as that. Use masking tape along the line to be cut as well, it stops it splintering. Use a mask when sanding it - the dust is poisonous!


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      Yup - that's one of the problems with MDF, It is good stuff, used in context, the dust is very fine and a mask and good extraction are essential,

      As for rough edges, the stuff you buy from B&Q et al is inferior stuff, you really need better grades such as 'Kronospan' , though a simple remedy is to use diluted PVA glue on the edges, allow to dry and sand gently, you'll maybe need to do this a couple of times before you get a 'hard' edge, especially if routing a profile.



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        Mdf Rough Edges

        Thanks everyone for the tips.

        He already uses good quality masks & fine saw blades, but will try the PVA & see what happens.. MDF he uses is either from our local builders merchants or from Homebase (Homebase on the thinner MDF is better quality, but they are both same quality on the thicker stuff)

        Anyway, wardrobes are looking good - I was going to attach a photo of some kitchen units he's made but I must be a right ninny as I can't get it to load. If anyone can let me know how to attach a photo to end of text I'll be very grateful..

        Cheers all