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Toyota 3335 Overlocker - any opinions please?

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  • Toyota 3335 Overlocker - any opinions please?

    Have any of you had experience of this model and if so, what do you think of it.
    Many thanks.

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    I don't know anything about this particular model.

    The only advice I can give is based on my experience of overlockers.

    I had one where you had to adjust all the tensions for each upper and lower looper as well as both needles manually and it used to bring me close to tears frequently. No matter what I did, the upper and lower loops were never right.

    I sold it on ebay and bought a Babylock Imagine and have never looked back. It does all the tension itself. You just put the material under the feed foot, press the pedal and off it goes. It can cope with thin, thick, denim ..... whatever. I've now moved up to the Desire model (also by Babylock) and even though they may cost a bit more, to me it was worth every penny not to have to look at that first one I owned ever again!

    But hey, that's just my experience!

    Where are you thinking of buying it from by the way? If it's from an online company, PM me.
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      I think I owned the older version of this model. It was fine on cotton and maybe denim but didn`t like fleece at all. Also the rolled hem stitching used to fall off. It`s wasn`t too difficult to thread and maintain the tension. It takes a few sewing hours to master it but this would be the same with any overlocker.

      I have a Husqvarna 936 now which is fabulous.

      PLEASE do be careful where you buy this machine from........I`m fairly sure JBJB will say the same !


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        I was hoping to use an overlocker for fleece as well as heavy fabrics, so thanks for the advice.

        As for where I was thinking of buying it from - don't worry: I've already learned my lesson, I was caught out when I recently bought a sewing machine, so I definitely know who to avoid and it is probably the company you are both thinking of!


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          Ofcourse, I remember now! Sorry, just eager that you don`t buy a machine from someone who gives poor service.

          Argos do a Janome overlocker which I`ve had a play on. It`s better than the Toyota I had. The only fault I had with it is that there isn`t much control over the foot pedal. Either very slow or very fast BUT saying that, I would probably get used to it over time.


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            Thanks for that Clare, I'll have a look at it.