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  • Drawing on to Fabric

    Hi everyone.
    For a while I have been making hand painted cushions by mixing acrylic paint with a fabric medium, but it is tedious, slow and can be messy. I am thinking about changing to a fabric pen if there is such a thing, that stays in place and is permanent.

    When I browse google I just get laundry markers coming up.

    Does anyone know if there is a pen (usually black for pale fabrics or white for dark fabrics for my designs) that I can use instead.

    Would love some advice on this.

    Many thanks lovelies.

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      Your choices for fabric are limited to acrylic fabric paint pens and alcohol based markers. I would go with the acrylic paint pens based on your needs. Liquitex has one that works pretty well. I found a guide while back that was useful, if I find it again I will come back to share.


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        I will press what I have painted. heat setting makes it super duper permanent. The acrylic paint really sits in the fabric. Actually, acrylic paints to just look cleaner than sharpies...there is less bleeding. The paint gives a more professional looking look.