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  • Tips on Stuffing?

    Please has anyone got any tips they can pass on?

    I hate stuffing anything, because it always looks lumpy. I do tease out the stuffing to make sure it's not all clumped up before stuffing, but this doesn't seem to be all the effective. The smaller things I make look fine, but the larger things leave a little to be desired....

    What's the best type of stuffing to use? I'm using polyester toy stuffing, but I'm wondering if shorter fibres would give a smoother finish. I've read on a US webpage that massaging the stuffing into place helps, so I've just given my shaped cushion a good massage and it does look better.

    Any advice would be appreciated, cos I'm starting to get a tad miffed with myself.

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    Oh get stuffed!

    I've never used toy stuffing so can't comment on that. I used a duvet I bought from Ikea that I used the stuffing from and when I'd used that I bought a cheap duvet from Sainsbury's.

    I use it in my cottage doorstop to cut down on weight and I also use it in some of my hearts. Never noticed it clumping before .... I just shove it in til I can't get namore in!!

    Don't know if that helps, but I did enjoy telling you to get stuffed!
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      Oh, I know exactly what you mean! I buy my filling from a wholesale source near where I live, it is polyester cushion filling, and I buy huge bags of it. I was advised when I started sewing, that when using stuffing to try to use it in a continuous length instead of handfuls (easier said than done!) I think that's because you get air pockets in it, and that's why massaging it helps...I sometimes even pummel mine and then shake it to get a pleasing result, small items are def. easier! Your strawberry cushion is gorgeous!



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        I stuff alot!

        I use a stuffing stick to position the filling which seems to help tease out gaps.

        Not much help really!


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          Getting Well Stuffed....

          .....attempt #2 has yielded a much better strawberry. Thank you all very much for your help.

          I tried a combination of all the tips. I smoothed out as much stuffing as I could, and made an outer layer with it, then stuffed the inside with more stuffing using JB's ramrod principals, getting into curves etc with an old plastic chopstick. I think this is where #1 strawberry failed - I wasn't firm enough! Brute force & ignorance is what's needed.

          On the top of the strawb I've placed layers of scrap batting, tucking it in around the edges. Then I gathered the top, sewed it closed and gave the whole thing a good massage.

          I'm well pleased with the strawberry...only problem is, I used every scrap of stuffing I possess and didn't leave a wee bit to stuff the stalk....uhhh duhhhhh! Definitely a blonde/senior moment there!

          I've got more stuffing on order, which may arrive tomorrow, but meanwhile it's very frustrating!

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            I get frustrated too with stuffing !
            It's certainly an art and while some projects go well, others do end up all 'lumpy bumpy'.




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              Sage and onion?
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                I have just used toy stuffing when I've made soft toys, and tease the stuffing a little but not too much. I have found the more I tease the less good the stuffing is. I pack as much in as I dare before my stitches pop!
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