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    Anyone know of any good websites that show colour predictions for the fashion industry? - Fabric buttons, button supplies and handmade accessories

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    No, but I read in the paper at the weekend that lots of really bright colours would feature - electric blue, yellow, fuschia etc. That's thrown a bit of a spanner in my works ... I was hoping for pastels !!!
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      trend stuff

      I have some trend related websites on my work computer, I don't think I can post links yet but I can point you in the right direction. I'll sort them out tommorow when I am back at work.

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        For Spring 2008, try this:

        or you could try the Premier Vision website, which is the leading trend show. I had a quick look, you might be able to make a bit more sense of it with a bit more time to have a look.

        Next has a new directory out for SS 08 might be worth a look as they're usually good with colours for the seasons.

        I am assuming you're looking for SS08.

        Hope it helps :0)


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          The only website I thought could be any use is www dot fashiontrendsetter dot com. If I am breaking the rules by putting this up let me know.

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            Thanks for those links Colourart and two hoots.

            Will take a look now ... I was looking for autumn/winter 08 for both fashion and interior?
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              for a good mixture of consumer trends I'd also try elle decoration, it's a brilliant resource for trends and for inspiration with excellent photography and great profiles on designers in all areas. As far as interiors is concerned I was once told to look at current fashion and that can predict interior fashions a good two years ahead I don't know how true that is. Also if you can get to the Spring Fair held at the nec this feb/march. Its a trade show but I think 'general public' can pay for entry, i'm not sure you would have to check the website (just put Spring Fair in the search it should come out top). I go for my work, but I look in all sections, gardening,tableware,kitchenware as this is all useful for inspiring ideas. There are also free trend briefings, they are basically trying to get you to pay for a full report, but this pared down version can still be useful.


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                I know asos (online clothing company) are pretty up to date with fashion trend so maybe you could look through there at the clothes and see what crops up alot?

                Ive had a little look and brights and metallics...


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                  Yep,I heard those gorgeos gem colours are still gona be big, especially fuchsia(please see my lilith pink/sapphire/red necklaces on my site...Im so ahead of the times)

                  ALso I heard bold pastels were gona be big.



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                    Fashion trends are predicted quite early, I think up to two years in advance. There is a site but for the life of me I cant remember that gives details, I used it in college. Will see if I can dig out the info from my college gumph
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