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sewing/craft exhibitions???

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  • sewing/craft exhibitions???

    Hiya! I am hoping to go to some kind of sewing or craft exhibition at some point. I was hoping to see demonstrations for sewing machines. I have never been to anything like this before and I just wondered if anyone had any info about where/when I could find it, or where I could find out please? Hopefully somewhere in London area!!! Thank you!!!! Xxx

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    have a look at the ICHF website, they do shows called Hobbycraft and sewing for pleasure, all the big names are there such as Pfaff, brother, janome etc.... and you can try them out too. they are help all over the country and i have been going for years, well worth the day out
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      Sewing for pleasure is good. I think they hold that at ali pally as well as it going around the country.

      In my opinion though, not the best place to look for a new machine. Although all the suppliers were there, they seemed to be targeting the hobby sewer with very expensive embroidery machines. Which i am sure a lot of people bought on a whim. They were very short of 'serious' machines to demonstrate. Best to go to a dealerr, you will get more attention.
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