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Sewing Machine help!!!

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  • Sewing Machine help!!!

    ARGG! I think i'm going nuts.

    My old beloved sewing machine has died today (boo hoo) and although she has given me many years of faithfully service, I now realise that she is rather a dim relation to other sewing machines...

    She can only do a straight stitch and nothing else... So now while i'm looking at machines ~ where do I begin?

    I read that you all wubbie your Janome's... so I guess this is the way to go. However I kinda want to branch out now with my sewing. Would love a button hole stitch! And what is the best to get?? I was thinking about spending around £150 but I just don't know.


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    i've recently had the same problem. I had an old Toyota (no, don't laugh! It worked really well for many many years....) and I bought a Pfaff from the Knitting and stitching show at the Birmingham NEC. Bit of an impulsive buy... and lugging it to the car was no fun for me or my daughter! But I've been pleased with it so far. Was a bit worried about all the plastic components, with the toyota everything was sturdy metal! But so far it's holding its own.

    Good luck with your search, hope you find one that's just right for you!
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      If you have a John Lewis near you then I think they let you try before you buy but as we don't have one near us then I don't know if it's true! Any decent sewing machine shop should also let you try or at least give you some advice.
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        Have a look at this

        The price is £139 but you will get an upgrade to the Simplicity which is normally £299.

        I got one this year and it's brilliant. It's not too complicated but it does straight, zig-zag, button-holes and curvy stitches. I love mine and would thoroughly recommend this offer 100%.

        Let us know how you get on.
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          I can also recommend the link littlesnuggler's posted - but don't tell them you are using it for business use as you will invalidate your warranty (I learnt the hard way!)

          Because mine went kaput recently I asked lots of people, and the concensus seemed to be that Janome are the best make and are the most reliable. I asked the chap that repaired my machine and he backed that up. He also said it's better to have a machine that has metal internally rather than plastic.
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