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Advice on Using Iron-on interfacing with Satin?

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  • Advice on Using Iron-on interfacing with Satin?

    Hello All!

    I wanted to ask some advice about methods for stiffening satin. I have found this lovely satin fabric that I want to use for lining a large bag, but I feel like it needs to be 'fortified' in some way so that it can work better as a lining. I am wondering whether or not using Iron-On interfacing might work? Or with the fabric being so lightweight will it bubble? (like trying to glue a sheet of tissue paper to cardboard?)

    Any help or experiences working with these materials would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you for reading.

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    I never use iron on on stiffening for bags, use thermolan a vilene compressed fleece. Iron on is fine for some fabrics but can make the fabric pucker


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      The last thing you want to do for a bag lining is to stiffen it; a lining by its very nature needs to be extremely flexible. If you're afraid the fabric you want to use won't be strong enough, that's a different matter, though.

      If you go to a good bag shop and look at some of the bags, you'll notice the lining fabrics are all soft, smooth and flexible, just like the linings in even the heaviest of jackets and coats.


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        Thank you so much for your replies Caroline and Eena, I guess I do want to reinforce it because I don't think it will be strong enough! I know satin and any fine fabrics like this are not ideal for lining bags but I'd love to make this work somehow.
        I'm going to give the thermolan a go...thanks again!


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          Hello have you tried reinforcing by using a stiffer fabric underneath? Kind of a double layer? You will need to tack the satin very carefully to the other fabric, to be sure of no gaping. Good luck :-)


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            The heat required to attach the iron on stiffening will definitely wrinkle the satin. I would go with attaching the satin to a stronger fabric as this seems the best way.


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              Hi, I made a small bag lined with satin for a Christmas gift and used fusible interfacing with no problem, I used a press cloth on top and it was fine. no puckering, shrinking or marks from the iron. Have you got enough to test it on a scrap first?