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    Does anybody on here print onto fabric at all? please get in touch I need you!!!

    Otherwise I will have to resort to spoonflower who are not cheap
    Dee x
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    HIya, I found these people the other day, Ive not used them but worth a look.
    I do print my own fabric but limited to size and it being non washable.

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      I have used spoonflower. I had 10 samples made up of each quality of fabric. The lighter (cheaper) fabrics came out with an overall orange hue. I had a lot of pinks and reds, but the colours didn't differentiate enough. This may only be noticeable when you are using images with lots of similar tones.

      They have since updated their colours (last june 2012 i think it was) but I still haven't noticed a huge difference after ordering multiple samples again. All the heavy (quilting/canvas) fabrics turn out great though.

      Hope that helps if you haven't ordered from them before.



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        Originally posted by Seahorse View Post
        HIya, I found these people the other day, Ive not used them but worth a look. htsprint in the UK
        this site looks great for making banners and items for stalls when at craft fairs etc.



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          Presumably you're looking to print on large pieces of fabric and professional printing, if not and you only want up to A4 size Crafty Computer Paper do a print on fabric range, some of which are washable (only hand wash though I think) and you can print your own. I've done a few bits and been quite pleased with the finish, but I've only been making small, decorative items.
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