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What could I make with knitted jumpers??? Ideas please???

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  • What could I make with knitted jumpers??? Ideas please???

    My nan recently passed away and my parents were going to throw out her clothes when I said I wanted them to make crafts. I used to see so many bloggs saying to use old knitted jumpers and I always thought I fancy making that but dont have any jumpers to cut up. But now, I have jumpers, and my mind has gone completely blank....
    Has anyone got any ideas please about what I can make with them??? I just googled, "What to make with old jumpers?" but nothing helpful came up.
    Thank you! Xxx

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    you can make cushion covers with them or scarves. woollen ones can be shrunk to make felted fabrics.
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      Bags of bags. All shapes and sizes. Cut out squares and sew them together for a blanket. Really you would have to lay them all out and look at them for inspiration.
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        Why not have a look at this website. It has loads of ideas.


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          I've seen dog beds made from old jumpers, I'm sure any dog rescue place would be glad of those, or even just the jumpers!


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            loads of ideas here

            Annie and Lyn


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              Crop tops, miniskirts, wristbands, headbands, boot tops. I'd send you to You tube but the video is in Spanish and the ideas come from dressing a doll from Monster High


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                Just got to share - the girl in the tutorial finished off the edges with fur(ry pipecleaners) and I learned a new word: mini pompones (tiny pompoms - I wonder when that will come in useful one day ).


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                  I've undone some shop bought machined jumpers before it's a bit harder than unravelling hand knitted but it can be done.

                  Then I've re knitted and used the yarn for crochet.

                  I've also cut and resewn them into patchwork blankets.

                  I've made flower broaches from them once I've worked out which ones were 100% wool and been able to felt them.

                  I made a nice bag out of one jumper which I lined with a retro patterned pillow case I found in a chairty shop.

                  Many years ago I use one of my own jumpers and cut it down ie the arms, cut up the front and then used blanket stitch the cut edges and re shaped the seams so it was a bit smaller for my best friends little sister to wear as a coat. She loved it and continued to wear it even when it began to get holes in it.

                  So lots of different things to do with them all the best and enjoy experimenting
                  So many projects, so little time