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Quilting disater - christmas present

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  • Quilting disater - christmas present

    I am having a major issue with a quilt I am trying to make as a Christmas present and I'm just about ready to give up!
    I have made my quilt top, which is made of squares and america style stars, possibly ohia star? I am trying to do this quilting and I just want to quilt in the ditch around the squares and the boarders. I basted the quilt by sewing it and then when I did the first line of machine quilting, it was puckered and had moved slightly, I did another line and the both looked really bad.
    So I thought I would start again, pulled it all apart, ironed the backing smooth, basted again, taking more care than the first time, i have now done 1 line of machine quilting and it is terrible, there are little bits puckered all along the stich line. I've tried with the feed dogs up or down, both are bad, and tried to do a bit by hand, but it looks really bad!
    Help I'm stuck and not sure what to do next.I have been trying to quilt this for weeks and it is getting a bit late as it's meant to be a Christmas present.
    this is only the 2nd quilt I have made by machine, but I have used the exact same techinque I used on the first one!
    I really dont know what I'm doing wrong

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    Have you got a walking foot, quite large but does not drag the fabric when stitching in the ditch


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      There is also some temporary glue/adhesive that you can use to stick all the layers together which would help but as Caroline says you need a walking foot. I wonder what machine you have. Can you drop the dogs?
      God helps them that help themselves.


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        How about ditching the 'stitching in the ditch' and just sew together in the corners of the squares and stars instead. I know it won't look quite the same but it will still be quilted and hopefully won't take so much time.