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  • Patchwork software program

    Does anyone know of, or uses a suitable software program to create patchwork quilts.

    I often just draw out in pen and colour on a paper grid, but I'm interested in getting some software that will do the trick.

    Any recommendations?

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    I use Quilt Pro available from Rio Designs here in the UK (and other places but they offer support) There is another major quilt program out there called Electric Quilt, these days more commonly known as EQ. If you are familiar with CAD programs this one is far more powerful but I found the learning curve was difficult for me to get my head round.
    Either way there is a learning curve, just be prepared to fall over a few times
    Sally Bramald


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      I use quilt pro too......mine is quite an old copy and I managed to update for half price, plus Lawrence is very helpful if you have a problem, he will talk you through what you are trying to do, he is 'on the end of the phone' most of the time I think. Have a look at the web the way, we call Lawrence The Man from Rio............


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        Quilt Wizard


        I use EQ5 and also Quilt wizard the later is a very easy but quite good program thats only around £25 from Rio Designs.

        Its good for a beginner, but has lots of different possibilities, EQ5 is the better program for me, I couldnt get to grips with Quilt Pro, but each persons different.
        Best Wishes Sue x


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          I don't know if this company has what you're looking for

          I don't do patchworking to any grand-design but I think they have a fairly extensive range of resources?
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            Thanks for the recommendation guys.
            Now time to drop a large hint to santa (if not hubby!)