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  • Opinions most welcome

    I have had a rough idea in my head for a ferret hammock, and there seems to be a market for made to measure hammocks, usually to accomodate more than one (most ferrets owners have 2 or more)
    Anyhow, got on rough draft on paper tonight, no measurements as yet, and have a few people interested in testing them.
    What do you guys think
    The middle layer of padded fabric will be what supports the shapes along with the ties coming from all 4 corners (only 3 on pic)
    The top layer of fabric will act as a sleeping bag and the bottom layer will be on the style of a tunnel.
    This was designed after close observation of my own ferrets, and from listening to other ferret owner on what their ferrets liked in the way of sleeping arrangements
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    Can't really help you with the design but looking forward to seeing a pic of the finished item!
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      Ferret hammocks!!
      Would love to see a pic of the finished item!


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        I do know ferrets like tunnels and hiding in things so having the cover seems ideal... you'd need to ask some ferrety people in the long run I think.

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