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  • Cushion covers

    I've just started making cushion covers, and was wondering if i should include washing instructions on them? I've only ever done purely decorative things before so haven't prewashed the fabric, although I will be for cushion covers.

    Thank you!


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    Fiona - I have a laminated card that I put in with items that I make... I have one for woollen items, which warns of the dangers of sticking wool in anything warmer than had hot.

    For cushions, I put in both washing and ironing instructions - it really does depend also on how you have decorated your cushion, if there are beads, sequins etc, I would suggest dry cleaning.



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      Better do an acid test first because some beads don't react well to the dry cleaning process, just as some buttons don't. It's a tricky one isn't it because you want to offer instructions but then you have to be careful because if people say they followed your advice and it didn't work then they may ask for refunds - if it were me I think I might stick to the cool hand wash only


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        I would include instructions. But test them first make sure you are confident in what you are recommending. so if you know it can take a 40 wash recommend a 30 I think it gives the buyer a little more confidence in thier purchase.


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          I tend to put hand wash with care in all of mine that then covers if they stick in a 60 wash in the machine. Know hand washing is not a problem as have tested on my own and would never put something highly decorated into the machine


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            I also put handwash-only on my cushion covers (even though I'd be happy to machine wash on a gentle cycle). Some people out there arent that careful with what goes in the machine on what temperature, so I just want to cover myself. I use cotton fabrics, which I applique and embroider, and sometimes embellish with buttons. Obviously, some covers are more decorated than others and definitely should only be handwashed.

            Good luck with your cushion covers