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    This might be a daft question, but what is the best thread for a sewing machine? I make cushions and have started doing machine embroidery. There's so many different types of thread, it gets quite confusing!



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    There are so many threads available - it's bewildering!

    Machine embroidery threads come in different weights - the heaviest would be a 30 and the finest would be a 60.
    Try a 40 to start with (it's the most popular so there are loads of colours to choose from).

    Rayon is good for machine embroidery - it has a silky sheen.

    Don't buy cheap thread - it's a false economy - go for Madeira or Gutterman for example.

    Variegated threads add a good deal of interest to your embroidery with no effort on your part - have a look at 'Sulky'.

    Good thread is expensive so I fill my bobbin with white Madeira Bobbinfil -it also makes life easier if you are changing the top colours a lot because you don't have to fiddle about changing the bobbin.
    (But if you're experimenting so that you deliberately show the bobbin stitch on the top of the work, then you will have to put a colour in the bobbin!)

    p.s. change your needle regularly and use the correct size for the thread.
    Annie and Lyn


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      I do machine embroidery and echo what Rosepink says but just add using a size 90/14 metallic needle on most fabrics when using metallic thread as it is less likely to fray.


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        I use Nymo 'D' thread in mine and find that it really doesn't break as easily as Guttermann. It comes in bobbins already so I take off the cardboard circles either side of one reel and pop it into the case for the bottom thread. I pop on another one on top for the top thread. No winding on then.

        It doesn't come in as many shades as the others but I don't find it a problem.
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          Thank you all for your help! I now feel a bit more confident in the local fabric shop.


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            I completely agree, I always use Gutterman on both machine sewing and hand sewing. On few occassion, when I weekened and bought cheep - unbranded thread, it kept breaking and it even jammed my sewing machine.
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