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sewing blanket material into patchwork...

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  • sewing blanket material into patchwork...

    Hello. I was wondering if anyone has tried this or is familiar with sewing blanket material at all? I'd like to make a throw for my sofa out of old blankets sewn in a sort of patchwork but I'm not sure exactly how to do it! Firstly, I'm not sure how well a sewing machine will cope with blanket material, and secondly how to sew the patches to avoid uncomfortable "ridges" at all the joins....
    Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks
    (I've got plenty of time to work out my plans as so far I only have one blanket! I need to hunt down some more!)

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    I am not quite sure what you mean by blanket material are we talking a heavy stretch fabric or 100% cotton?

    Either way you can buy stronger needles that will cope with going through heavier fabrics most that i have got are called quilting, also having a walking foot is also a huge help as it has feet that pull the fabric through on top as well as the ones underneath.
    To actually put them together still use your standard 1/4 inch seam allowance but open up the seam this will stop the bulk and just make sure you use a strong quilting thread and close stitch.
    Hope this helps?


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      Thanks for the reply. No, I suppose I didn't explain very clearly! I mean old blankets - either wool or wool mix. I have seen cushions made out of them (on etsy for example) but wondered whether I could make a sofa blanket using a number of blankets/pieces sewn together...