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ideas for a bright pink case design

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  • ideas for a bright pink case design

    My cousin has asked me to make her a zip case for her kindle having seen the one I made for my sister (plug: its on my blog) all she has requested is that it is bright pink.
    I am struggling for ideas for it as well as buying the fabric.
    It will be sort of large pencil case size about A5 size with a zip along the longer edge, padded with a felt lining inside.
    I originaly thought of quilting a modern or swirly design onto it, but not sure how my machine would cope with the wadding. Next of having the case with bright pink fabric and then sewing strips of ribbon in 2 shades of pink across it.
    I have bought a pink zip but no where local is selling bright pink fabric so I will have to buy online. (The fabric I had and thought would be ok is according to my mum too fushica or purple and would not work) Also I am thinking polycotton may not be durable enough as a case, so considering linen instead.
    Help please! I'm going pink blind! Any suggestions

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    How about these fabrics

    I love this one wish I could find a use for it
    They are all cottons the next two are cords

    Cotton will definately be up to the job, there are a ton of people around making kindle cases from cotton so you will be fine. As for quilting, I have a bog standard singer machine and have made a fair few coats with it using heavy duty wool fabrics plus a layer of thermal insulating wadding then a lining, my machine coped with it just fine I could only see the outline of your machine on your blog but it looked a similar size to mine so the motor should be up to it.

    Best of luck
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      Hello there. There's a beauty on Etsy but as I'm a newbie so I can't post the link to you here.
      If you go to Etsy and look up the shop KindleCouture and then the item number is 74515267.
      Annie and Lyn


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        Hi There,

        I have recently come across a great new product - it is iron-on vinyl! Yep - you can iron it onto your fabric and it makes it all glossy a bit like oilcloth (but not as thick or stiff).

        I made myself an IPAD case using it and it came out great! (Tutorial coming soon on my blog). I bought a pack from Hobbycraft to test it out before I ordered it wholesale for my shop so you should be able to get your hands on it. It is quite pricey (£15 for 2yds x 17") but it does mean you can use whatever fabric you like. It was easy to sew through and it didn't make the fabric really stiff or thick either.

        So far as quilting your project is concerned. If you use a low-loft quilters wadding (or batting) your machine should not struggle with it. Just take it nice and slow and if possible reduce the presser foot pressure.

        Happy Crafting!


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