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Seeking for Cloth Doll enthusiasts

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  • Seeking for Cloth Doll enthusiasts

    Hi all!

    I'm looking for all you who are crazy about Patti Medaris Culea's one-of-a-kind cloth dolls.

    These dolls are totally unknown in Sweden(Where I live) but in spite of that I managed to find 2 of Patti's books in my local library.And needless to say, I was hooked!

    The reason why I'm searching for other doll makers is this: I'm having a trouble finding trouser patterns (preferably jeans) for the dolls.

    I've made all the dolls(beginner's, intermediate & advanced). My latest is the haute couture doll.

    All these dolls are different in sizes, so I can't construct/draw just one(1) pattern. I need one(1) for each doll! And that's not all, folks: I'm also rubbish in pattern making/construction!

    So, there... What can I do?! Please, can anybody help me ? Pretty please...
    Pia from Sweden
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    Is there anything in her Cloth Doll Couture book?

    If no one comes up with an answer can I tell you what I do in a parallel situation?

    I recreate historical garments for real people to wear. I sometimes have the pattern of the original but my customer is a different size. I draw out a basic, skin tight but laid flat, body pattern - a toile, in the jargon - then around it draw a pattern for the garment that keeps the proportions and shape of the original. It works a treat.
    So I would say wrap a light fabric round your dolls to get patterns for skin tight leggins, have a look at a jeans pattern, and just use your eyes to fuse the two. It's worth making the first one in scrap fabric first as you are bound to want to tweak your first attempt but once you've got one pattern it's a doddle to scale it up or down.


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      Thanks, AnnieAnna! For your tip. I'll try it.

      Couldn't find any trouser/pants pattern in the Haute Couture Book, but I found a lot of pics of dolls with trousers on, especially in the first book "Creative Cloth Doll Making" by Patti.

      These wonderful dolls have a flat derrier (behind, "bum"), so it shouldn't be difficult to draw the patterns, but even so I'm "scared". I have never sewn anything without patterns (exept bags, cases and so on).

      Pia from Sweden
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        I too was scared stiff when first told to make my own pattern. I was given lots of advice....and the results are soooooooooo comfy. Stuff fits! It was a relevation of shock and awe proportions.
        It was so good (I'll whisper - easy) it's become my day job.
        Trousers were my bug bear until I realised you could take a pair of pjamas and cut them up along the seams or get a rubbish baggy trouser pattern and just look at the shape. Draw it smaller (or bigger if you are dressing giants) keeping the shape of the pieces and you have mini trousers. I did cut my first ones in 'rough' first but now find I can get away with using customer's measurements as a guide to tweaking the one pattern I have ended up with....and no one's complaining.

        So my tutorial would go - nick a garment and take it to pieces.
        make one of your own in a trial and error way.
        eventually you get to understand why things are the shape they are -
        and realise you can figure out how to make garments just by looking at a picture or a dress in a shop window.
        Then carry on the mystique and pretend it's dead hard and everyone will think you are clever