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How to stiffen or mould fabric around things?

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  • How to stiffen or mould fabric around things?

    So what I'm trying to do is wrap objects (a plastic skull) in fabric it to take the shape of the object. I've done one sample with starch which did work (surprisingly) but I'd like to try some other things that are maybe more solid.

    Can anyone recommend anything that I could treat the fabric with either before or during the process so that it molds to the object beneath it?

    Any suggestions would be great!
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    You could try covering the object with cling film and then soak the fabric in PVA mixed with a bit of water then drape fabric over object.

    Or you could use sinamay ( a pre stiffened fabric that I make fascinators out of and dries in shape or can be steamed into shape) then cover it with PVA and fabric.

    It really depends on what you want to do with the original, as you can make a 2 piece mould and then use plaster of paris to make a replica.

    I have made masks of people heads using paper and artists sticky tape but only the front and not a whole object.

    A few ideas there perhaps for you to try.

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      If your keeping the original inside the fabric can you place the fabric on in thin strips to get the shape.
      I like the idea of drpping the fabric in glue, or maybe that fray away stuff.Try to use a non water based glue just incase it gets wet, itl fall apart.

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        Google something called Paverpol - it's used for stiffening fabric for fabric sculpture. Or just google " fabric sculpting" and see if you can get some ideas.

        I have something called Aleene's Stiffen-Quick Spray that can be washed out if you mess it up....

        Aleene's Fabric Stiffener and Draping Liquid is water resistant and can be painted.


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          Hi, Neonpeg!

          PVA glue works fine. You could use textile glue too (may need some diluting first). Or just wrap the fabric around and fasten it with needle and thread (works well with wooden beads). Good luck with the wrapping projects!
          Pia from Sweden
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