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  • Sewing machine table

    I have just completed a small course and am setting up to make bags, purses, small cushions and the like.

    I am just about to set up my sewing machine room and was wondering if anyone could give me any pointers.....

    What size of table am I best getting? Is there a particular shape that is most useful? I would really appreciate some pointers from a practicing textile crafter as I don't have much money to buy furniture, esp if I need to replace if I get it wrong


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    You need to have plenty of room at the back of the machine and to the left of the machine for fabric to fold into when stitching, less on the right. The table needs to be sturdy, I have 2 drawer units with a worktop type top which in itself is very heavy, the table should not move when the machine is being used and some machines can weigh a ton. Make sure you can pass the cable for the foot behind the table to the floor, that way you cannot unplug the foot if it was coming over the front. This is the cheapest way, the horn sewing cabinets are brilliant but are very expensive, something to strive for.

    Current table dimensions 5ft by 3ft


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      Caroline beat me to it.
      Very sturdy. Your machine vibrates and there's nothing worse than the table joining in.
      Room on the left and at the back - for the fabric.
      Drawers are nice but make sure you can tuck your knees under the table.

      I've used kitchen tables, dining room tables and am currently using an ex IKEA (or was it MFI) computer desk.

      Don't forget the chair. You need to work at a comfortable hight. It's easier to get the table first then find you chair. It's fun having a pop up and down one.


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        Agreed! Plenty of room needed on the left and at the back! I actually have storage boxes in the way by mine so it can be a bit of a pain!
        Try not to have a naughty rabbit running around your foot looking to chew the wire like me too!
        Dee x
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          Thanks very much for your replies folks. Common sense prevails then.......

          Will see what sturdy table I can find and put it in another room as I feel my box room may be just too small

          Thanks again!