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Fabric flower ideas? HELP!!

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  • Fabric flower ideas? HELP!!


    I have made the background for a canvas and desperately need some inspiration for the flowers I'd like to add.

    I'm new to sewing so nothing complicated! I'd like it to look a bit rough around the edges and was thinking of some kind of fabric strips being rolled or something (I can't explain it very well sorry!)

    Anyone have any ideas? Pref with pictures or tutorials if possible?

    I'm really stuck!
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    Have you checked out utube for tutorials? Simply put keywords into their search bar - tutorials fabric flowers for example and see what comes up. Once you start it will automatically direct you to similar projects. There is a wealth of fabulous stuff on there... some of which will not require a single sewing stitch

    There are lots of lovely folding, pinching and rolling techniques with strips or ribbon, there are some great flowers can be made using cord and buttons... a lot deopends on the effect you wnat and the materials you have available.

    happy hunting


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      These flowers are pretty simple to make and look stunning:

      Hope that helps
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        Oh Makedoandmend that's such a good site


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          I make fabric flowers by cutting 5 circles from your chosen fabric and then fold each circle in half and then half again.
          Using a length of thread tie a knot in the end and then do a running stitch along the 1/4 circle side of the 1st folded circle, pull your thread tight and then move onto the next folded circle using the same thread.
          Do this for all 5 folded circles and pull tight to create a flower shape.finish by connecting the first and last "petal" You can then add a button in the middle.
          Does this make sense? I'm sure theres a tut out there for them